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OctoberCMS - turgam - 05-07-2019

[Image: octobercms-1.png]
Looking for the most cost effective, relevant, comprehensive and fast CMS (Content Management system) that provides simple pattern along with an awesome programming experience? Look no further, October CMS is what you need. OctoberCMS is an open source, self hosted and free CMS platform. It is written on the Laravel web applications framework and PHP programming language. It helps users in building modern websites using advanced technology.
October CMS is considered to be the latest headline in the CMS world. The selling point for OctoberCMS is that it makes the workflow of web development easy again. An increasing number of designers, website owners and web developers are adopting OctoberCMS because of its advanced security, simplicity and its ability to be customized for satisfying the requirements of any kind of project.
OctoberCMS has the ability of solving most of the tasks that are required in modern web development. It does so by providing great tools to accomplish those tasks. What is more important is that the tools have an enticing and graceful user interface, which has soft colors and a straightforward simple menu.
[Image: octobercms.png]
Contemporary Laravel PHP Framework
[Image: octobercms-framework.png]

The contemporary Laravel PHP framework forms the basis of October CM. The Laravel framework is elegant, sturdy and lightweight. It is frequently updated so it stays in tune with new PHP features. Using Laravel as its foundation, makes OctoberCMS a CMS that is designed with the aim of catering to your creative vision. It does not constrain you in any way when it comes to HTML markup and page structure. All of this makes it very attractive to designers as it provides with the inspiration of breaking all boundaries and allows their imagination to take control.

Elegant, Graceful and Simplistic Backend
[Image: octobercms-backend.png]

OctoberCMS is free from any unnecessary clutter and offers a very clean, simple backend interface. It has a main menu towards the top and a sub menu on the left had side. The sub menu is an expansion of the main menu item currently selected. The remainder of the area is available for you to perform any backend operations.

Simple yet powerful customization

Developers and users alike can extend the capabilities of OctoberCMS using plugins. Plugins are separated from October core so it is safe to install and remove them without any collateral damage.

Customize Your Website Without Programming Skills

OctoberCMS is also very user friendly and you really do not have to have programming skills to work with it or customize it. Users who are not technical can also manage content on the website, as well as videos, images and other kinds of files using the easy to use WYSIWYG editor. Even the menus of he website can be altered via a simple simple UI by installing a suitable plugin.

Always kept up to date
[Image: octobercms-update.png]

OctoberCMS keeps getting updates regularly which allows you to keep your website clean, shiny and fresh while you can take full advantage of the platform’s capability. There is no need for you to keep track or update components manually. All of this is taken care of and the updates are always available.

Advanced security
[Image: octobercms-security.png]

Laravel framework makes sure that the only file that can be accessed directly on OctoberCMS is index.php in the root directory. This helps in cutting off all kinds of untrusted activity and does not provide a back door which can lead to security breaches. Also, all the plugins have to go through a very strict approval process so you can be assured that they are highly secure and of good quality. This process ensures that anything that you add to your website can be trusted and does not open a back door for potential security breaches.

OctoberCMS is simple to use and powerful. It offers a huge feature set so you can build simple or complex websites. At the same time, it does not overload you with tools that you do not need. It provides you with an awesome performance and fast loading times with minimal trips to the database. OpenCMS is very stable and well supported.