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Drupal - omer - 04-25-2019

[Image: drupal.png]

Drupal is mostly put to use because it is open source and free Content Management System (CMS) which allows the users to organize, manage and publish content. It fundamentally runs on environments based on PHP. This whole mechanism is governed by the General Public License i.e. GNU which basically says that everyone should have the freedom to download and also share it with the other users. It has been put to use in millions of sites such as Examiner.com, World Economic Forum, WhiteHouse.gov, Stanford University and many more.

What is a Content Management System?
[Image: content-management-system.png]

Content Management System (CMS) happens to be a piece of software that handles all the data which will be made available on the website as content. A CMS is used to edit, publish and modify the content of the website.
The standard release of Drupal is referred to as Drupal Core. It was developed by Dries Buytaerti in 2001. It is considered by many as the leading CMS serving various industries.

Why should you use Drupal?
[Image: why-drupal.png]

If you are developing any website that needs CMS (Content Management System), then Drupal CMS is considered to be fery flexible as compared to any other CMS solution. It provides very powerful features and can be put to use to build very large and complex websites. It is based on PHP templates which allows even non technical users to use the software easily and adding/editing content does not require you to have any HTML or web design skills.
With the help of Drupal, it becomes very easy to work with other sites and various technologies that are able to handle more complicated forms and workflows. Drupal makes more than 16,000 modules available which can be addressed with Drupal Core and add on modules.

Drupal Features
[Image: drupal-features.png]
Drupal Advantages
[Image: drupal-advantages.png]

Drupal Disadvantages
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