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[Image: ExpressionEngine.png]
ExpressionEngine is a feature rich and powerful open source CMS (Content Management System) that allows yo to build amazing websites. This CMS is fully written in object oriented PHP and it uses mySQL to store data. As of today, ExpressionEngine is in use by organizations of all sizes – small businesses, large businesses, individuals and non-profit organizations to develop websites driven by content.
ExpressionEngine is found to perfect for businesses of tomorrow as brings some unique advantages. One of the biggest advantages is that ExpressionEngine lets you design a website without being constrained by limitations that the current template may have. To add to this, you do not need with HTML files. These awesome features make it a whole lot easier to design a website using ExpressionEngine.

Secure your website

Security has to be the number one concern in your ind while designing your website. You would want to add as much security to your website as possible to ensure that the privacy of sensitive data does not get compromised in any way. ExpressionEngine sports advanced security features that will help you in making your website more safe and secure.

Create a unique website
[Image: ExpressionEngine-unique.png]

ExpressionEngine offers you scores of options for customization which makes it easier for you to design unique websites. There are a lot of ways to provide your website with data. This makes it straightforward for you create a structured schema which will benefit you in terms of SEO and hence bring more traffic to your website. You will also be able to create your own custom strategy for the back end. This will help you in meeting the demands on your website.

Comes with an easy to use interface
[Image: ExpressionEngine-easy.png]

ExpressionEngine has a lot simpler user interface when compared to other CMSs. Its user interface simplifies proper creation and management of content. This ultimately leads to creation of websites which are more user friendly, which is the main driving force to attract business these days. And when we say that is has a simpler interface, it really does mean that anyone with no technical knowledge can use it too.

Allows you to create SEO friendly content
[Image: ExpressionEngine-seo.png]
SEO is very important for any website to attract organic traffic. ExpressionEngine proves what a big help it can be when we talk of SEO friendly generation of design and content. By taking care of this aspect, ExpressionEngine CMS ends up playing a big role in increasing the online visibility of your business.
With ExpressionEngine behind you, you will never have to ask yourself if you can implement some design because the answer will always be an astounding yes. ExpressionEngine provides you with something that you will not get with any other CMS – it completely stays out of your way. It neither restrains you from imposing any constraints because of design nor does it force you to compromise your artistic imagination in any way.

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