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Best Free And Open Source CMS Applications

Open source CMS applications built using php

One of the most vital decisions that you need to make when starting any kind of web development process is picking the right CMS for yourself. The reason is that it will allow you to plan your application requirements and the solutions well in advance. On the way, you will be able to get a fairly good idea about the proposed design of the application, its features and also its performance. Hence, opting for the best PHP CMS happens to be one of the most important parts of the application development cycle. It therefore requires an appropriate amount of knowledge to allow you to choose the best one in your case.
Now, there are a lot of open sources CMS solutions available in the market. It is up to you to choose the appropriate one depending on the requirements of your application. Irrespective of whether you are looking to build a basic dynamic website or a full throttle ecommerce store, the marketplace offers you many types of CMSs to take some burden off your shoulders. Also, not every developer would want to write the orthodox CSS and HTML when they are building web pages.
These CMS platforms go a long way in reducing the conventional workload on the developers. The dynamic web applications which can even go up to a thousand pages as time passes, are very easy to develop with the use of CMS platforms. This is because CMS solutions streamline the jobs that are involved in web development in some smart ways. Here we discuss some of the open source CMS systems built using PHP.

[Image: wordpress.png]
Wordpress is the most popular open source platform that allows a lot of developers around the world to make contributions to its development. This is the reason why the platform has been able to evolve very rapidly. It boasts of the biggest collection of optional plugins, widgets and themes.

Here is more information about wordpress -->

[Image: Drupal.jpg]

Drupal is also a free open source CMS platform written in PHP is is rated as the best platforms for ecommerce stores. Iy was originally developed as a student community addition but eventually it evolved into a full fledged open source CMS. Drupal allows the developers to easily develop highly optimized online stores with a lot of perfection. Given that the platform contains some very rich features of moderb application development, it is highly preferred by most of the developers.

[Image: Joomla.png]

Joomla is also a PHP based CMS that is vastly known for creating blogs and portfolio websites. It is however not fair to compare it with WordPress, but the platform does provide enough features to allow you to build features that go into building top class blogs and dynamic websites.

[Image: ExpressEngine.png]

If you are working with a lot of content, ExpressEngine is probably going to be your best choice. This open source CMS offers some awesome features that can be utilized for creation of content over the internet. The highly flexible architecture offers the best environment for you to be able to extend the functionalities of the CMS by use of custom scripts.

[Image: PryoCMS.png]

Laravel framework is the powerhouse for the PyroCMS. PyroCMS is an intuitive abstracted CMS which was first written in codeigniter framework in 2012. After the release of version 3.x, PyroCMS uses Laravel frameworkPyroCMS is modular in nature and developers can easily mix and match components to fit the CMS within their project’s requirements.

[Image: OctoberCMS.png]

OctoberCMS also works on Laravel framework and is in use by thousands of digital agencies and companies to build their websites. The CMS provides flexibility, simplicity and modern design to create retina-ready apps and websites.
OctoberCMS is self-hosted open source CMS. You can also install it independently on your hosting servers. This CMS works fittingly well with 3rd party integrations and has got 700+ themes and plugins, with a large supportive community.
So this was a compilation of some of the best PHP CMSs that are available in market and are known for their rapid web development mechanisms. Whether you need a custom-dynamic website or need an advanced online store, these CMSs will provide you adequate solutions to build desired web applications.

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